Monday, 28 November 2016

wigeon monday! woodlands flood

With the sun reflecting off the water it made it difficult to view birds on water but 1 stuck out as being slightly larger than the 10 teal, following its silohette around the pond it turns out to be a wigeon..

wigeon in foreground
As the light improved i managed to get this shot 2;20pm

sun glare made it difficult to photo


Sunday, 27 November 2016

quiet weekend.

Bit quiet over the weekend birdwise but took some autumn pictures!
highlights were 7 snipe at bedworth pit bank.

Friday, 25 November 2016


Very quiet again today around the woodlands area a few siskin g woodpecker skylark and meadow pipit showed at the pit bank and 2 sparrowhawk made an appearance also a snipe was about early on in the walk.



Thursday, 24 November 2016


Had a morning few laps of Bedworth pit bank overall a bit quiet, but did manage to pick up a calling lesser redpoll and a few siskin feeding with goldfinch, again a green woodpecker was about and a few Buzzards, a kestrel was hunting.
Later on a oystercatcher was calling from the flooded field at the woodlands (9;30pm onwards) with canada geese and teal which have returned form not being seen on the pool today, hopefully if i wake early enough the oytercatcher will be viewable, funnily enough i did hear a flyover oystercatcher a week ago, presumably the same one?!

robin 24-11-16

siskin 24-11-16

Teal woodlands flood 23-11-16

Monday, 21 November 2016

Flooded field, woodlands lane

Nothing great but since its a big flooded field something good could drop in, so far it has attracted Blackheaded gull 25+, common gull 3, herring gull 2, moorhen 25+, grey heron, pied wagtail, wheatear 1(back in august when it was virtually dried up) mallard 2 and this morning 3 teal which was a nice surprise. i have heard a little egret showed here a few years ago.

since this rain it has virtually gone from nothing to taking up a quarter of the field in 2 weeks!

getting a camera soon so pictures will come.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Afternoon walk for siskins

Managed to pull myself out the house for 1ish, got to bedworth pit bank relatively fast on the way Redwing, gs woodpecker, green woodpecker and all the usual were present but a complete lack of fieldfare(maybe a little early for big numbers)... only did 1 slow lap of the pit bank however i did bump into a group of 15 siskin with about 20+goldfinch busily feeding on alder which i had great views of for about 5 mins, sadly no sign again of any lesser redpoll....there were buzzards present and a kestrel made an appearance as did the green woodpecker... made my way through the wood at the top of rabbit lane very little was showing but a nice flock of Long tail tits were present, crossed the road then headed down the road field side. where there were 10+pheasants about 20+Bh gulls and 2 buzzards feeding in the field.....i entered another wood which has been felled, about 20 years ago it was full of pine and now tiny oaks have been planted. very little showed but i could hear goldcrests in the remaining pine trees. i then entered another wood this time a mixed woodland oak pine beech larch, among the pigeon and pheasants i was disturbing  a green woodpecker was perched up on a pine in the wood (the first ive seen actually in a wood) it was getting late so maybe it was looking for a place to roost?! this wood looks like it could be good for brambling/siskin/redpoll and if im lucky a passing group of crossbills, who knows.....however it is a private wood with no public access so ill have to be carefull.....i exited the wood and eventually got onto the footpath where i could hear a red legged partridge and eventually 8 took off and flew into the next field....little else showed so i headed home after a dark walk through a wood!


Had a little walk yesterday, fieldfare are now present but not in any great numbers, redwing are slowly increasing as well as blackbird numbers.

On bedworth pit bank a good number of siskin were feeding with goldfinch on the alder, however no sign of any lesser redpoll that were in the area a few weeks ago, also no sign of any stonechat passing through 5 meadow pipit were present but no skylark..3 buzzard were circling over the road....nuthatch were calling in the wood at the top of rabbit lane, and 1-2 green woodpecker i take it have territory in this area.

Over to the east i flushed a woodcock nr the spinny wood which attempted to fly but then landed about 30ft from me then eventually found the enrergy to properly take off (probably the best view ive had of this species albeit brief), there are also 3 buzzards in this area and a green woodpecker which is often heard around the farm house here, plenty of pied wagtails were searching for food on a recently ploughed field..

my target bird for this area is a brambling but i havnt seen on yet!!

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Moved back down south!

Ok well having moved back down south from gateshead..... i have started recording birds around my childhood patch (the bedworth woodlands)..... at the moment it doesent seem as good as my gateshead patch but im a firm believer in that if you keep on looking more and more will show up as you become more familiar with the territory.

Since 24th of september this is what ive seen.

1-mute swan, 2-canada goose, 3-mallard.4-pheasant. 5-red legged partridge. 6-cormorant. 7-grey heron . 8-buzzard. 9-sparrowhawk. 10-kestrel. 11-peregrine 12-moorhen. 13-coot. 14-oystercatcher. 15-woodcock. 16-snipe. 17-black headed gull. 18-herring gull. 19-feral pigeon. 20-woodpigeon. 21-collared dove. 22-little owl. 23-tawny owl. 24-kingfisher. 25-green woodpecker. 26-gs woodpecker. 27-jackdaw. 28-magpie. 29- jay. 30-rook. 31-crow. 32-blue tit. 33 great tit. 34-long tailed tit. 35-coal tit. 36-skylark. 37-house martin. 38-swallow. 39-wren. 40goldcrest. 41-chiff chaff. 42-blackcap. 43-nuthatch. 44- tree creeper. 45-starling. 46-blackbird. 47-song thrush. 48-mistle thrush. 49-field fare. 50-redwing. 51 wheatear. 52-robin. 53-stonechat. 54-house sparrow. 55-dunnock. 56-pied wagtail. 57-meadow pipit. 58-chaffinch. 59-greenfinch. 60-goldfinch. 61-linnet. 62-siskin. 63- bullfinch. 64-lesser redpoll.

Mainly agricultural land with a few wooded areas, rough grassland, a nature reserve is close but always full of dog walkers has a large lake.... a few flooded fields and marsh land.lots of oak trees.