Tuesday, 29 March 2016

C40 species seen on todays walk, chiffchaff are about throughout the whole walk not in great numbers though a pair of buzzards were around causey also red kite were seen, 14 golden plover were in a field near byermoor, lesser redpoll were heard but not seen near longfield fields. 3dipper and 2 grey wagtail were at causey arch....no willow tits seen,/heard on whole walk. Lots of meadow pipit on longfield hill, and and 5 yellow hammer near beckley farm no brambling or kingfisher, starling house sparrow near marley hill houses.a flyover lbb gull.quite a few curlew were about today but not as many lapwings in area since last walk.

Monday, 28 March 2016

Stonechat at burdon moor

Had a quick visit to burdon moor where there were 2 stonechats m+f which was nice, also a few teal. No wheatear were seen but I didnt stick around as it was very windy, and there was a chiffchaff singing at tanfield railway 1st of the year for me sadly there were 2 vans parked near fortune hill wood and the sounds of powerful guns going of.
No owls were seen.
Curlew and little owls are being heard in the morning at marley hill

Fieldfarevare still being heard overhead.

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Male and female tawny owl
2 woodcock roding
Meadow pipit
Lapwing x10
Curlew single figures
Wimbrel x1

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Brambling curlew lapwing 19-3-16

3 brambling in usual place
Curlew moving in
Lapwing about.
No kingfisher
40 fieldfare flyover.

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Brambling but no kingfisher

Had a walk to nz1957 to see if kingfishers were about sadly no, but the brambling which were around recently were still about after I thought they had gone I counted around 6 but there could have been more.

Good numbers of yellow hammer and reed bunting with 1 or 2 wilow tit in the area.

Theres a good chance the 2 kingfishers are going up to causey arch too through out the day.

Target bird for this area is stonechat which could turn up in gorse or grass areas

Hopefully grasshopper warbler will turn up again.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Kingfisher on patch flyover whooper

Very surprised to see 2kingfishers on a small pond today in the middle of nowhere. Strange I wonder how long theyll stick around for.

Also 12 whooper swans flew overhead

Woodcock were roding

Tawny calling from fortune hill

C40 fieldfare in longfield house field

Bats are out

2roe deer

1female kingfisher showed the next day, not in the morning but afternoon.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Burdon moor-kibbleswoth NR-lamesley reed bed.

Arriving at burdon at 6:30am 1 seo was perched near the gate, teal were calling, a snipe was flushed.
Further on at kibblesworth NR 2tufted ducks were sleeping a grey heron was near the back, a coot lurked in and out of the reeds, as did a little grebe and a buzzard was calling from the woods....after a few flyover siskin and redpoll there was a group of around 20 lesser redpoll and 5siskin which landed in alder about 30feet in front of me managed to get excellent fews through the binos as they were feeding for a few minutes then they flew off to the other side of the lake.
At lamesley reed bed there were mallard 4greylag geese,4 gadwall, coot, 2mute swans and teal along with the many reed bunting calling in the area.
Todays bike route to kibblesworth killer on the way home