Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Marley hill area

Ive been watching a little owl now for just around a week which i spotted by simply going on a jog just before sunset since then ive been proud to say i got a little owl 2miutes from my house and over the last few days ive been out around dusk and dawn to see what its up to, not sure yet how many but a feeling 2.had one perched on a hay bale a few nights ago.

Other than that a few walks down hole lane to derwent also a small walk to longhouse farm.

  • Black headed gull numbers are slowly increasing
  • still willow tits down hole lane
  • tawny owl calling east of byermoor
  • had a rare visit just outside kitchen window by 7 long tailed tit not often seen around marley hill football pitch
  • 14 curlew near riding barns fm
  • hare sightings.
  • nuthatches hole lane east of whickham gc
  • partridges grey and red legged seen and heard
  • 2 buzzards still around fortune hill wood.
  • Linnets seem to be doing well
  • skylarks meadow pipits still present.
  • chiffchaff still calling late sept.
  • swallows still present nr riding barns fm 28-9-15