Monday, 15 June 2015

14_5_15 beamish sunday

I was tempted not to go today because of the weather but i thought about burning calories and that swung it for me. Burdon moor stubble field was alive with skylark meadow pipit. I decided to miss out hedley an area i dont enjoy so walked the road way to carricks wood, gs woodpecker, tree sparrow, nuthatch were all a out also a good sized dead frog on the road, i explored south of causey gill wood where theres a bridge over a stream. Good number of nuthatch and great tit. Got to carricks would where there were too many dog walkers so probably an early morning would do it justice then ut was pretty much scaning the usual area.

Bird species

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Beamish saturday 7-6-15

On my recent visit, great views of Nuthatch at a nest also great spotted woodpecker at feeding chicks, tufted ducks on pockerley pond which was a new patch tick also pied wagtail wjich again was a patch tick, plenty of dipper and grey wagtail along the beamish burn.
Sadly the redstart seems to have moved on, i visited twice in day and both drew a blank, predation or carrying on its journey.
Also signs of green woodpecker which wasnt made 100%as it was silhouetted and disturbed by a dog walker as soon as i put my binoculars up to it,  still adds a search for my next visit.
A slightly disappointing visit down to no redstart and windy weather.

1 mallard pockerley/beamish burn
2 tufted duck new pockerley
3 pheasant
4 little grebe pockerley pond
5 grey heron pockerley
6 coot pockerley
7 moorhen pockerley
8 herring gull fly over
9 wood pigeon
10 swift
11 gs woodpecker coppy wood with young
12 house martin
13 swallow
14 grey wagtail x5 young too
15 pied wagtail new
16 dipper beamish burn x5 young too
17 wren
18 dunnock
19 robin
20 blackbird
21 song thrush
22 mistle thrush
23 whitethroat
24 blackcap
25 garden warbler
26 chiffchaff
27 willow warbler
28 goldcrest
29 long tailed tit
30 blue tit at nest
31 great tit
32 nutatch x2 at nest wood to high forge
33 treecreeper
34 jay near high forge x2
35 magpie
36 rook
37 crow
38 chaffinch
39 goldfinch
40 greenfinch x3 near high forge
41 bullfinch
42 Yellowhammer
44 reed bunting pockerley pond