Saturday, 20 December 2014


Winter update

Around marley hill.

most of the berries have been stripped by the redwing fieldfare blackbirds pigeons etc so been seeing less of the above than the last few weeks, only seen 1 willow tit , oppose to the 3 that were feeding together last year, greenfinches again visiting the feeders not sure of numbers though think last year there was a max of 15 at one time im pretty sure around 10 this year great tit and blue tits in 2s and 3s seen about 4 long taileded a few weeks ago but nothing since.goldfinch have been seen albeit rarely, dunnocks and robins are about, a highlight was a single goldcrest literally outside of the kitchen window about a week ago it was with a flock of blue tits. Plenty of jackdaw, crow, magpie, rooks, wood pigeon 2 collared doves flew down to have a nosey at some seeds I put out. Tawny owls were calling regularly about a month ago, havnt heard the curlew calling as of late well since the summer, there was a sparrowhawk patrolling the area, also a kestrel has been spotted. We havnt had many sightings of red kite the whole year with probably around 10 sighting max, usually 1 or 2 are regularly seen cruising around. Linnets are in the fields, gulls are about, a possible woodcock was spooked by a dog walker but not 100% as it could have been a snipe only got a fleeting glance.