Thursday, 11 September 2014

possible twite in marley hill

Along the pathway past farm machinery. With a few female house sparrows flew to hedge when it seen me then flew down to ground roughly around same size as female house sparrow yellow/greenish rump yellow/white beak,white wing bar other smaller.
Would appreciate if anyone else could check it out.

Also swallow explosion in marley hill around 15 plus came out of nowhere with young haven't really seen many in the past few weeks in area so it was nice to know there still around also a flock of Goldfinch.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

2 dunnocks

2 Dunnock out the front of the house in marley hill today, a rare sight in the area this year, seem to be alot of gulls in fields also curlew have been regularly heard in the evening gonna try and get out tommorow morning and see what's about.
Tree sparrow and house sparrows haven't been seen for a while 2 red kites have been see over the last month over fields.seen house martins over football pitch but numbers decreasing, 1 swallow yesterday on powerline.
1 Kestrel being chased by 3 house martins. At 17:20hrs