Thursday, 5 June 2014


10 plus sighting of a woodcock just at the back of Tanfield railway at 9 30pm last night I stood and watched as it flew back and forth calling/roding. It was doing this for a good 30minutes also tawny owls calling around 10:30pm near fortune hill wood. as I walked around woods a tawny flew out over me circling For a few seconds. At burdon moor there's was a little owl calling in the pine trees to the right of the path.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Sunday, 1 June 2014

no spotted flycatchers for me in gateshead YET.

Looked around my "patch" this morning for a good few hours, basically around feilds and woods at the back of marley hill to causey arch area havnt been out for a while due to other interests, however it was pleasing to see how much things have changed over the last month, lots of whitethroats, willow warblers, chiff chaffs, black caps, even a few garden warblers, bird song was everywhere which made it easy to locate, bird of the day has got to be a TAWNY OWL, in the woods good views for a few seconds as i disturbed it and it flew from a holly bush to a nearby branch where it looked at me for about 15 secs peering at it through my binos, it lost interst and flew off, i tried to locate it again but nothing then rewalking the route i had just been on again there it was flying from its perch away from me it could have possibly been a second but not 100%, its been a while since ive had such a close encounter with one and it was a pleasure to see, its dark eyes reddy browny feathers are firmly engraved in my memory, i dont think ill be seeing many again this year.

Sadly no spotted flycatchers which i thought maybe would be revisiting the same area as last year, but ill be keeping my eyes open, didnt see or hear any green woodpeckers either think there was around 2-3 last year which i was seeing until late september but then vanished,.
Other highlights were 2 garden warblers which didnt take to kindly to me being so close to there territory and gave me an ear bashing until i moved on.
whitethroats were situated in usual areas, two grey partridge were seen which was nice.

Anyway heres the list
Wood pigeon, collared dove, blackbird, house martin, swallow, tree sparrow, rook, jackdaw, crow, chiff chaff, blue tit, great tit, robin, coal tit, chaffinch 10+, magpie, whitethroat10+, jay 5+, red kite3, herring gull, starling 150( flocked around the woods young and adults), kestrel 4, willow warbler10+, yellow hammer 4, curlew 4, garden warbler 2, lapwing 5, greater spotted woodpecker 1, grey partridge 2, meadow pipit 2, skylark 3, buzzard 3, song thrush 2, black cap 2, tree creeper 3, tawny owl 1, red legged partridge 3, pheasant 2, swift 2, wren 5 with young, feral pigeon, goldfinch,

Note didnt see any willow tits long tailed tits which was strange and bullfinchs greenfinch have become elusive since winter lol