Friday, 28 February 2014

view from the house

1 pair of red kites over sunniside, and a singular red kite over fields.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

green walk

Quick walk around Chopwell

1 buzzard
1 red kite
Great tit
Bh gull
Common gull
Heron x1
Siskin x10
Wood pigeons
Feral pigeons
Gs woodpecker

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

derwent for goosanders

Weather started nice with little wind however wind picked up around 12

Early start with an objective of seeing a goosander somewhere on the river between clockburn lonnen and and derwent caravan park bridge, set off on foot from Marley hill over fields and down hole lane between these two points birds seen were;
Red kite
Red legged partridge x6
Herring gull x3
Lbb gull x2
Common gull
Black headed gull x30 (one with a full on black head)
Wood pigeons
Feral pigeons
Skylark x3
18 lapwings
Pheasant x1
Dunnock x3 (1 pair were displaying)
Crows x100
Rook x15
Jackdaws x100
Starling x30
Reed bunting x2
Greenfinch x4
Yellowhammer x2
Robin x6
Blue tit
Pied wagtail x1

On Cuthberts pond there were 7 teal 10 Moorhead,  1 mallard
20 curlew on surrounding fields
30 redwing

1 willow tit down hole lane, although I recorded its call which got me thinking it may have been a marsh tit? Which goes against marsh tit abundance in the area, I'll have to post it.
Lots of great tits
Down Clockburn lonnen path there were
Gs woodpecker drumming
Song thrush
Mistle thrush
Grey squirrel

Around the derwent walk

Mallard, cormorant x1 , 2 goosanders and 1 dipper on the river

Long tailed tits,
Red kites x4'--
buzzards x2
Wren (alot were calling)
Blue tits (checking out various nest boxes)
Great tits
Goldcrest x2
Song thrush
Kestrel x1

Far pastures

Coot, Moorhen, snipe x2, Canada goose, teal x11, mallard.

almost gave up on goosander until I seen 2 on the final stretch on the way to far pastures away from river, nice to see two and the dipper and cormorant all good views.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

2 months

Just thought I'd have a quick evaluation of feeder activity which I set-up around two months ago. When they first were hung I remember a blue being one of the 1st to find them then great tits then willow tits which there were about 3 max, a gs woodpecker which I think could have been two also visited however I haunt seen one for the past month. Then the greenfinch arrived which surprised me as before I put the feeders up I rarely seen Greenfinch in the area however I have seen up to 15 on the feeders at once, same with goldfiinch with flocks of 20 plus, bull finches are also present there could be 3-4 male and female, but seem to be occasional visitors, there are also 2 or 3 tree sparrows which are there most days but seem not to he as aggressive as the green/goldies and seem to perch near by fly to the feeders have a quick snack then go and perch again ( similar to willow tits) chaffinch are present also 5 plus maybe,robin use the feeders too, there has been a dunnock, crows and jackdaws are robbing me blind, I have seen l.t tits but they didn't seem to revisit, a sparrowhawk  has been seen once, and pheasants have had a nibble on the ground feed. I really hoped siskins would visit but none yet or redpoll but no, the only place I have seen siskin is Watergate and around Cockburn pond.overall it has gave me a clearer idea of what is in the area as far as garden birds go, and in what numbers. Like i said the surprise being the greenfinch I remember looking up about the disease that had lowered there numbers as I hadn't seen many in the summer, however now I know there are quite a few out there.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Holywell pond

8am -9:30am

Greylag goose x30
canada goose x20
herring gull
common gull
lesser black backed gull
black headed gull
tree sparrow x4
song thrush
blue tit
great tit
GS Woodpecker
cormorant x3
mute swan x2
mallard x40
chaffinch x8
tufted duck
gadwall x1
teal x5
stonechat x2
oystercatcher x3
lapwing x8
Reed bunting

The stonechats at holywell I've just heard are somewhat rare for holywell I spotted two one was along the wagonway adjacent to the pond in the gorse and the second near the reeds to the right of the public hide both were males and seen around 9 am

Marley hill

On the feeders there were mainly finches, alot of gold and green, didn't see any willow tits or great tits makes me wonder whetherfinches  scare the smaller birds, two tree sparrow are still presentx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

grey heron flight path

Seen a single grey heron fly over towards whickham must be the same one I'm always seeing.

It will be interesting to see if this year the green woodpeckers will be back (that's if they have actually gone anywhere) I managed to locate 3-4 last year a the back of fortune hill wood (around the old mine tracks) heard them calling and regularly seen them until August when they just disappeared.

Also hope spotted flycatchers will be back.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


Nz1956, nz1957.nz2056 nz2057

Other than the fox a walk around the area produced

Collared dove
Yellow hammer x20+
Great tit
Blue tit
Long tailed tit
Willow tit
Red Kite x2
Buzzard( 1 pair and two other birds sighted)
Sparrowhawk x1
Kestrel x1
Gs woodpecker
Pheasant x15
Red legged partridge x10
Field fare 30+
Redwing 20+
wood pigeon x200
feral pigeon
mallards x4
Jay x1
goldcrest 3
Woodcock (flushed from fortune hill woods)
Chaffinch x3
Linnet x2
Reed bunting x4
song thrush x6
Dipper x2
Black headed gull x10

Also 2 rabbits, and 4 roe deer.

Dunnocks were also in song.

Little owls calling 9:30pm

local walk


A fox I discovered somebody had hung it from a barbed wire fence by putting a hole in one of its backlegs (in between the bone) and threading the other one through it, I don't know if it is poisoned and could be a threat to other animals, I don't know why somebody would kill it just to hang it up but its all very wrong.
is this illegal?


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

holywell pond

Coal tit, long tailed tit, chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, treecreeper, robin, song thrush x3, blackbird, greylag goose x30, canada goose x 10, mallard x 20, mute swan x 3, herring gull, black headed gull, magpie, crow.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

watergate park

20+ siskin
30+ mallard
100+ black headed gull
a few herring gul
lesser backed gull
tufted duck 15+
Bullfinch 10+
Greenfinch 2
great tit
blue tit
chaffinch x10
mute swan
coot 10+
Moorhen 10+

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Saturday outings

Burnhope pond

Out at 8am, 1st stop was Burnside pond, highlight of this trip was a stoat which I spotted on the stone wall which runs along the pond it tried to hide in the wall but then made a dash toward's the road had good views for about a minute, good numbers of goldfinch chaffinch blue tit willow tit robin also a small flock of 5 goldcrest in the plantation, crows jackdaws coal tit long tailed tit blackbirds, song thrush, skylarkx4, black headed gull herring gull pigeon, on the pond 3 common snipe and 1 grey heron

Burdon moor

usual here

Jackdaw crow red kite x1, meadow pipit, yellow hammer, mallard x20, kestrel, Magpie, pheasant, skylark, teal, snipe x3, wren, moorhen.


2 roe deer (good views) , 1 grey squirrel, blue tit, blackbird,wren, dunnockx2,  skylark, 8 red legged partridge, chaffinch x20, fieldfare, red kite x1, yellow hammer, blackbirds,

Marley hill

Greenfinch, bullfinch m/f, chaffinch, tree sparrow, blue tit, great tit, willow tit, robin, blackbird, jackdaw, crow, rook, magpie.

Friday, 7 February 2014


On filling up my feeders tonight the unmistakable call of a lapwing from a nearby field brought back memories of birdwatching in 1992 when I was 13 in Bedworth where I grew up, I think we found a nest on the ground with olive eggs in it near a small reed bed also snipe could easily be flushed on every visit. Memories!!!! Anyway glad there back doing whatever lapwings do in fields at night.

Also I'm pretty sure the other calls at night I've been hearing are little owls, which is nice! So that's little owls and tawny owl, shame it's so hard to see the Damn things

Thursday, 6 February 2014

marley hill

Marley hill

8- 8:30am

1red kite
10 black headed gulls
20+ jackdaws
5+ Magpie
Herring gull x2
Rook x3
Wood pigeonx4
Chaffinch x4
Blue tit
Redwing x40
Grey heron (flew over towards Whickham)
Blackbird x3
1 collared dove
Bull finch
Tree sparrow
Mistle thrush x1
Great tit
Willow tit
Pheasant m
1 red kite 1:30pm

Circular around marley hill long field farm

Jackdaw crow Magpie pheasants x 5, blackbirds 10, red kite over fellside and 1 near long field farm, a rat in a tree, 1 rabbit, the whole of fortune hill wood tree tops was covered in around 500+ wood pigeon, 8 red legged partridge were flushed, 2 kestrel, 1 herring gull, 30+ flock of fieldfare and a flock of 20 and Magpies.
 Shame I didn't see/hear any tawny owls, heard them calling about a month ago on the path to tanfield railway.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Marley hill

41f, 8 mph wind, slight .

Throughout the day this is what ive spotted.

great tit
wood pigeon
blue tit
black headed gull
tree sparrow
willow tit
yellow hammer x1( tree top)
bullfinch x4
redwing (flock of 30+)
herring gull
starling x1

Also 1 red kite over sunniside , and 1 over fellside road 3pm. 1 seen of marley field 3:30pm.
one collared dove sunniside. theres usually loads of collared dove at st cuthberts church but since cold weather has kicked in they seem to have dispersed. Again no woodpecker.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

st marys and holywell pond

Thought id visit the whitley bay area with the nice weather and a bad knee, not the best visit but heres what I seen.
Herring gull
meadow pipit
tufted duck
wood pigeon
reed bunting
curlew 100
black bird
black headed gull
rock dove/feral pigeon
rock pipit x7
grey heron
all were seen along the coastal path and small pond.

Then a quick visit (10 Mins) To holywell pond not much around but really impressed by the place, what I did see was
mute swan
tufted duck
canada goose
tree sparrow
gs woodpecker
great tit
blue tit

deffo go back in the future.